The minor goddess Milani (pronounced meh-LAW-nee) is the patron of all those who fight against oppression and unjust rule. Her symbol is a rose growing out of a blood-soaked street.

Until the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, the goddess Milani was simply one of dozens of saints within the Last Azlanti’s faith. She was the beacon of hope to all those who fought against repressive regimes, giving courage to those who had little but their desire to live a free life. The death of her patron, combined with the tremendous upheaval and suffering that followed his death, gave her a focus and attracted many new followers. Those devoted to her found the courage to organize the rebellions against the infernal takeover of the Chelaxian Empire, helping many of her outlying territories break free of its control. They fought against the slow slide into barbarism, restoring people’s hope that a just and good society could be restored. Milani has never been as popular as Aroden’s other followers, such as Iomedae, perhaps because the Inheritor’s worship had already been firmly established before their patron’s passing.

Her church is generally most popular in areas of intense upheaval, such as Galt and the River Kingdoms. Clergy in service to Milani generally have intense periods of work and proselytizing in troubled regions followed by years of tranquillity once they achieve their goals. They are aware that their calling often ends in martyrdom, and it is a common belief that those who are strong of faith will return again to continue the fight. Many clerics of Milani believe that they are a new incarnation of a martyr of the church, and can in fact access memories from their previous lives.


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