h1. The Village of Heldren

  • Population : 171
  • Government : City Council
  • Leader : Councilwoman Ionnia Teppen (Human)

Heldren, located in southern Taldor, is a small village of 171 people, mostly farmers, herders, and woodcutters. A small armory sits atop a low hill northwest of the town square, ready to provide a safe refuge in case the village is attacked. Heldren’s town hall and its single inn, called the Silver Stoat, are the two largest buildings in the village, followed by the sawmill that brings income to the quiet settlement. Like many small villages, Heldren contains a general store, a blacksmith, a stable, a butcher shop, a barber, an apothecary, and a wise woman who sees to the village’s needs. To provide spiritual guidance to the village, a small temple stands near the center of town. Though the place is dedicated to Erastil, its resident cleric tends to the community regardless of an individual’s particular faith.

Places of Interest

1) Armory
2)Isker’s Smithy – Iskar Euphram & his daughter/apprentice Xanthippe
3)General Store – Viviala Steranus, Always Prepared
4)Town Hall & Clock Tower – Orillus Davigen, Tinkerer
5)Willowbark Apothecary – Tessaraea Willowbark, Quiet and Somber
6)Barber – Argus Goldtooth, His own most frequent customer
7)The Silver Stoat (Inn) – Menander & Kale Garimos, Owners & Local Gossip Mongers
8)Livery Stable – Sophia Imirras, Stern but Kind
9)Town Square (The Lady)
10)Ionnia Teppen‘s House
11)Temple of Erastil – Natharan Safander, Shepard to a meager flock
12)Carpenter – Tengezil Frimbocket, Gnome Immigrant
13)Heldren Sawmill – Alexius Demetri, Lumber Mogul
14)The Butcher of Jalrune – Perkin Tarimm, Retired Corsair and purveyor of meats
15)Old Mother Theodora’s – Theodora, town Midwife and Fortune Teller.


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