Lord Baron Reginald Winston Hobarth III

Human Gunslinger


Hello there fellow scholars! The name is Hobarth. Lord Baron Reginald Winston Hobarth III actually. It seems I shall be accompanying you all on some said “adventure” of sorts. Jolly good i must say! Though before we just go meandering off to some castle to save some damsel in distress, there’s some things you should know about me.

As a scholar, and a well endowed gentleman, i’m not into getting dirt under my nails. Work like that is better suited for the filth and grout of the lower class and i am NOT going to subject myself to such tosh!! Now then, i may not tussle with the baddies to earn my bags of sand, but that does not mean i can’t go ten rounds of fisty-cuffs with the scoundrels of Taldor. I’m a right tough bloke and i intend not to go down without a fight.

It takes a pretty pound to get me away from my comfy home here in Heldren, so what ever path we decide to take together, money and treasure are essential! I love knowledge and the shiny (Yes i AM smarter than you. All of you).

Well that’s all chaps. Let’s get this banger rolling! Tata for now!

Lord Baron Reginald Winston Hobarth III

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